Jam Cookies for Holiday Parties

Why Fingerprint Instead of Thumbprint?
If you use your thumb to make
indentions in cookies, you end up
with a lopsided indention that jam
can leak out from. Using a finger
(or mini bottle top) perpendicular
to the baking sheet means you
have a uniform hole to place your
jam. My neighbor Greta tried these
using peanut butter and Nutella.
PB&J cookies anyone?

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Black Bean Paw Paw Salad

In our neck of the woods we can get a little taste of tropical flavor with the miraculous Paw paw. These strange looking fruits, native to the eastern United States, grow on trees and are the largest edible fruit indigenous to this area. Not only do they survive, but they thrive without much care, growing just as well in the shade as the sun

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Amy’s Birthday Brunch

Birthdays don’t always arrive when you feel like celebrating. Life can be hectic, stressful, chaotic, and downright tragic. But I contend birthdays should always be celebrated, even in the midst of life’s roar. Taking time to be with dear ones to appreciate their birth, is good for the soul.

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Better than Butter

I have recently experienced a bumper crop of corn on the cob, which is lucky for me because I have had a bumper crop of house guests. I get them to pick it and shuck it while I get to hang out in the kitchen mixing things into butter.

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Cathy Cleary
Blueberry Waterfall Birthday Cake

It wasn't my idea to run 14 miles through the woods scaling ridges and fording slippery rocked streams to celebrate our birthdays. We can blame that one on Elizabeth. Luckily I am a glutton for punishment and I can't think of a better way to spend a day. 

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FEAST in the Sunny Point Garden! Plus pig and pickles

I'm so excited to help organize this event with such generous businesses! On August 7th, 2017 Riverbend Malt is donating a pig (fattened on their spent grain) and Sunny Point Cafe is preparing a FEAST to benefit FEAST!

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More Mussels

I always want more muscles and mussels. I go about getting them in different ways but always want more of both. I like to ride my bike, run, and do hard core garden workouts for the first kind of muscle. The second kind of mussel is much much easier to enjoy. They look like elongated clams or small smooth oysters, but the mussel is not something you see on menus in this country all that often.

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Sweet Potato Slips

Sweet potatoes don’t grow from seeds. They are one of those fascinating regenerative vegetables. Plant a sweet potato and it will grow baby sweet potatoes. Onions, ginger, turmeric, cassava, and potatoes all fall into this crazy category.  Wouldn’t it be so cool if we could grow our own babies all by ourselves? Well, maybe I should save that for another discussion.

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Free Cookies

I have a lot of experience making cookies, but not so much experience with political activism. My safe estimate is over 100, 000 cookies baked, and probably 30ish rallies and protests.

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Stand-Up Dinner with Pickled Collards

I’d like to make the case for Stand-Up Dinner. Not all the time, or even very often, but every once in a while it makes sense to eat while standing. Cider making evenings are just such an occasion in our household.

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Spring Salad with Herb Vinaigrette

Any spring mix will do for this salad but if you are a gardener and have fresh greens in the yard pick a mixture of baby kale, arugula, spinach, and pea shoots for a great flavor combo. Despite its name the dressing does not require homegrown herbs. As a matter of fact, you don't have to use herbs at all. 

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Bloody Mary Mixer or Virgin Mary

I was invited to be on a neighborhood garden tour one summer. I had declined the invitation for a few summers in a row, because my garden is often more about production than beauty. But this particular summer I decided to take on the challenge.

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Fried Zucchini Pickles

County Fairs are a big deal in our neck of the woods. Folks bring out their biggest pumpkins and prettiest pigs to show off, pies are tasted and judged, and handmade patchwork quilts are on display. Fair food is almost always fried. These pickles remind me of fair food, and the best part is they are delicious even if you don’t want to fry them. 

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