Blueberry Waterfall Birthday Cake

It wasn't my idea to run 14 miles through the woods scaling ridges and fording slippery rocked streams to celebrate our birthdays. We can blame that one on Elizabeth. Luckily I am a glutton for punishment and I can't think of a better way to spend a day. 

It was Robin's idea to do a tour of waterfalls in Dupont State Forest and my idea to make birthday cake to bring along. We talked a mile a minute and ran about 4 miles an hour,  it turns out fording streams takes time!

Homegrown Blueberry Birthday Cake tasted pretty good after 14 miles and a dunk in a waterfall. I made it gluten and dairy-free in honor of Robin's stomach. We enjoyed it with some Appalachian Allspice Almonds on the side for some protein. Stay posted! That recipe is coming soon!

Blueberry Waterfall Birthday Cake

Gluten and Dairy Free

Makes 1-8” round or 1 dozen cupcakes

¾ cup oat flour

½ cup tapioca flour

½ cup coconut flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt

½ cup canola or vegetable oil

¾ cup sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup almond or soy milk

1 ¼ cups fresh or frozen blueberries


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

-In a large bowl, sift together the flours, baking powder, baking soda and salt.

-In a medium sized bowl, whisk together oil, sugar, eggs, vanilla, and milk.

-Make a well in the center of your dry ingredients and pour in the wet ingredients.

-Add the berries to the bowl.

-Using a rubber spatula or a large spoon, fold together everything until well combined.

-Grease pans or line 12 cupcake pans with papers

-Pour batter evenly into the pans.

-Bake for about 15-30 minutes depending on the size of your pan. Cupcakes will bake much more quickly. A toothpick inserted in the center of the cake should come out clean when the cake is done.

-Allow to cool completely in the pans before cutting or removing from the pan.

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