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Whether you give to, buy from, visit, refer, promote or join with both feet, these are the organizations, businesses, causes and people I keep company with. These are my compatriots, friends and some favorites. 



The mission of FEAST is to empower youth and families to grow, prepare and enjoy fruits and vegetables through hands on cooking and garden education. 

FEAST classes focus on:

  • Problem solving, communication and teamwork
  • Increasing fresh, locally grown produce in everyday living
  • Gaining confidence by exploring different ways to prepare fresh produce
  • Creating and changing recipes, substituting ingredients
  • Learning how food affects your brain and body
  • Connecting to Core Curriculum and Essential Standards in math, reading, writing, science, health and nutrition

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Carolina Ground

Through Carolina Ground we link the farmer, miller, and baker. We offer a flour of REGIONAL distinction, a flour of PROVINCE and a flour of QUALITY. We COLD STONE MILL our grains to produce a flour whose vibrance and quality is recognizably LOCAL. For lovers of good bread, this means better bread. And for the farmer and baker, it means a tangible level of security and sustainability.

Carolina Ground enables long-term relationships to be established between SOUTHERN farmers and bakers, giving us the means to build our knowledge base of local grains both in the field and in the bakery and in the process, improving our daily bread from the ground up. Learn more...

The West End Bakery

My friend and partner in this venture, Krista and I started dreaming of a family-friendly, neighborhood bakery and cafe in West Asheville that would use local vendors and ingredients to create fresh and yummy food.  Along with our husbands, Reid and Lewis, we put in the work, dedication and inspiration to open it in 2000. The Bakery is now an iconic West Asheville establishment. New owners, Catherine and Cary have made it their own while preserving the essence of a community centered business.

My recipes and time (15 years total) are recorded lovingly - and with correct measurements in The West End Bakery & Cafe Cookbook. To purchase, email CCPP1971@gmail.com.


Bountiful Cities

Bountiful Cities is an urban agriculture non-profit founded in 2000. We partner with community groups, focusing on dialogue, trust and community needs, to create urban agricultural spaces. Our partnerships emphasize social justice, access to education, sustainability and economic viability. We share agricultural skills and resources to promote social justice and economic viability. Bountiful Cities participates with local, state and national organizations in advocating for our values and practices. We envision abundance and food sovereign communities. Learn more...


Learn about Slow Food Asheville, Flying Cloud Farm, Asheville City Schools Foundation, ASAP and Girls on the Run.
And you can find me at all sorts of other EVENTS that promote and support causes I care about.