FEAST in the Sunny Point Garden! Plus pig and pickles

I'm so excited to help organize this event with such generous businesses! On August 7th, 2017 Riverbend Malt is donating a pig (fattened on their spent grain) and Sunny Point Cafe is preparing a FEAST to benefit FEAST!

Food and Beer will be served in the Sunny Point Garden along with a variety of pickles I'm making, because what goes better with pig than pickles? 

Refrigerator pickles are super easy and versatile - try using summer squash instead of cucumbers, or switch up the herbs and spices depending on what you've got and what you like.

refrigerator pickles - Copy.jpg

Refrigerator Pickles

 2 cups water

1½ cups sugar

3 cups cider vinegar

6 cups sliced cucumbers

½ cups chopped garlic

2 Tbsp. dill - dried or fresh

1 Tbsp. dried basil

10 bay leaves

4 tsp. salt

❖      In a sauce pan bring the water and the sugar to a boil.

❖      Remove from heat and allow to cool a few minutes – then add the cider vinegar.

❖      Make sure the brine is fully cool then add the cucumbers and remaining ingredients.

❖      Put into the fridge and allow to sit overnight in the brine.

❖      Store in the fridge.

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