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Curried Spinach and Chickpea Stew

This stew is hearty yet manages to feel light at the same time. It is chock full of veggies, but it doesn't take lots of time to prepare. I like to serve it with our french bread brushed with a little garlic butter and an arugula apple salad for a fantastic fall supper.

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Pumpkin Chili 

Pumpkin in my chili was inspired by Jeff Armstrong, a long-time baker and friend at West End. He kept telling me that his family put pumpkin in their vegetarian chili. I thought it sounded strange at first, but the more I imagined what the flavors and textures would be like together the more I wanted to try it. It is delicious!

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Spinach Split Pea Soup 

The active time is only about 10 minutes for this soup. It takes some time for the peas to cook, but once they are done it comes together very quickly.  Fresh herbs are preferred, but I substitute dried herbs all the time, and it is still wonderful.

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